The Art of Christmas Cards

This all started at Christmas in 1999 when we sent out our card deliberately one month late (25th January 2000) claiming that client delays had held up this project but mainly poking fun at ourselves for failing to do what we offer to do best for our clients. Many of our clients appreciated this humour and so we have tried to make our annual offering fun or different . The annual office ‘head scratch’ takes place in late summer in trying to think of a new idea to work up and each year the task becomes more difficult. For the sake of our friends we will keep trying though - always !!!

At Vining we have always been proud of our approach to clients and their business requirements but most particularly that we do this with a sense of perspective and a sense of humour. Since inception we have always tried to demonstrate this by producing an annual Christmas card that offers either a different or an amusing approach and helps enforce our message of professionalism and diverse thinking.

The ‘Art’ of Christmas Cards


These images from our 2010  card show our  loyal pawns doing the seasonal hard work.

Please come to our UK offices where Christmas cards from previous years are all framed and displayed for our customers to enjoy. You might even wish to find out more about our professional services whilst you are there!